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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Again for Kary

This excerpt is from my current work in process, Pirate Princess. Lady Brislyn of Komissa has been abducted from her castle and thrown into the cargo hold of a mechant ship. Marchant, Commander of her father's army, had moments before proposed marriage. Though the twenty-year-old girl loves him, she refused his offer, still hurting from his rejection of her five years earlier. I hope you enjoy:

The Captain screeched out orders, and the beating of foot steps pounded overhead. Finally, the sound of the mooring ropes being hauled onto the deck and the creaking of the old wooden ship as it floated from the dock left little doubt that Bris drifted at sea. It was too late. Tears streamed down her cheeks into her mouth. She might as well get used to the salty flavor, because she would have plenty of it. Even if he was now looking, March wouldn’t know where to find her.

For more entries by talented Six Sentence Sunday authors or even to join in on the fun yourself next week, check out their site http://www.sixsunday.blogspot.com/.


jennajaxon said...

Great six, Kary. Great description--I could see, hear, feel everything Bris did. March does find her, doesn't he?

Lisa Kumar said...

Great six! I experience her situation right along with her in just these sentences!

Sarah Grimm said...

How terrible. For her, not your six, which is wonderful! :)

Susanna Fraser said...

Great six--very vivid writing.

Kary said...

Thanks for all the kind words and comments.