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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Hi, Lisa here! This is my first week participating in Six Sentence Sunday. The lines I'm sharing are from my short fantasy romance Captive, which is epublished with Books to Go Now. In the story Emma has just been kidnapped by the seductive Cian. The poor girl didn't even know about the existence of other dimensions -- or elves -- until she caught the eye of the handsome Elvin male. Now she's scared of but seriously tempted by the foreign Cian.

Now on to the juicy part!

When he discovered the curve of her cheek next, she closed her eyes. The scent of pine and sandalwood tickled her nose, and her senses flared to life. Pin pricks shivered over her skin. Time and perception coalesced, as if she’d been born just to experience this moment.

The heat of his lips took up the path his fingers had left. “W…what are you doing?”

Hope you enjoyed!

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