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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kary's Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Six Sentence Sunday from Kary.

This is an excerpt from my current work in progress, The Implanting, an epic fantasy romance. Abby has just returned home from a month long journey. Shortly after her arrival, she overhears a conversation in which Petra, her best friend and confidant, declares he’s in love with her. The revelation surprises her, but not as much as the feelings it stirs in her own heart.

Taking her in his arms, his face descended to hers. He hesitated, and when she didn’t pull away, made full contact with her lips. His mouth moved insistently, like a gentle wind against the new growth of barley. The mint and lemongrass scent of his skin infused her senses, and his arms around her waist conveyed security but not confinement.
Her mind scattered like apple blossoms in the breeze. Was this why she’d come?

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