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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The First Round--of Edits, That Is

No, I wasn't talking about the first round of alcohol, though we may have a virtual round later. What I'm referring to is first round edits.

Last night, I received mine for Through the Rabbit Hole and am happy to say they're aren't as scary as I thought they might be. Sure, I have to fix an odd turn of phrase occasionally and add or subtract a word or comma every few pages. But these are all easy fixes that make my heart jump for joy. No major overhauls required--phew!

I know, who likes to see their manuscript (MS) marked up in red? Probably no one, but as long as the suggestions/revisions are on the mark, they serve the author well. And my edits from Astraea Press were right on, down to the last dot. For those of you familiar with critiques, edits aren't that much different. In fact, I think if your MS has been through serious critiquing, the edits will be a lot less painful.

What I love about Astraea is if I don't agree with an edit, I'm encouraged to give my reason(s) why. Now, I don't think I will need to do this, because I agree with all the edits thus far. But isn't it nice to know that as authors, we still have quite a bit of input over our work?

Now how about that cyber round?