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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Givaway Update--and Winners!

Because of the thoughtful comments I received about my sweet post, I decided to give away two copies of Through the Rabbit Hole. I wish I could give everyone who left a comment one! The responses were well-thought out and articulate--a joy to read.

I've e-mailed the two winners, Amy and Mary Anne. Any feedback from them is appreciated, but not expected:)

Six Sentence Sunday

My six this week are from my recently release fantasy romance, Through the Rabbit Hole, from Astraea Press. The hero, Lorh, had just introduced Natalie, the heroine, to a rather odd denizen of his otherwordly garden.

“Your hand, it’s in one piece?” His teasing voice came from above her head. She spun toward him so quickly she nearly got whiplash, but halted when her nose almost hit his chest. Yikes,
when had he gotten so close—and so tall?

He picked up her hand, which by now lay limply by her side, and made a show of inspecting it. “Your hand, my lady, is fine?”

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