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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bound by the Mist Excerpt

I just released my first full-length fantasy romance a few days ago. In celebration of that, I'll be sharing some snippets and excerpts from the story. I hope you'll join me on those days! 

In the excerpt I'm posting today, our hero Relian comes to a very unsettling conclusion. Read on to find out!


But when Relian gazed into the swirling mass of fog and starlight,
disappointment took hold. Nothing was visible. He turned to go but
paused midstride. The veil stabilized as a rift opened up within it, and
an image started to appear. He held his breath, afraid any puff of air
would cause the wavering picture to disappear. Seated figures that
conversed together or studied from books in a large white room dominated
the sight before him.

As Relian's vision sharpened and the clarity of the scene increased,
he narrowed his eyes. Two human women walked toward the door. The last
one's reddish-brown hair somehow seemed familiar. His heart and
stomach lurched together painfully, making his head swim when she turned
her head toward the veil for a brief second before her friend pulled her

When the door closed behind the women, something moved on the breeze
within the mist. He had to draw on all his long years of elvin
inscrutability not to make a scene. What exactly he would have done, he
couldn't say. But as the few intertwined strands of auburn hair came
to rest upon his hand, the remembrance of another such occasion sprang
up. A chill of horror danced down his spine.

Memory and dream merged. Before him rose up the dreamscape of the
woman's red hair spread across his pillow and the memory of a young
girl's hair. A decade ago, the veil took a plait of auburn hair,
allowing it to float through the rift and wrap around his hand. Even
though the girl had been but an adolescent, he now arrived at a logical
conclusion, one his mind rebelled at. But his assumption made sense. It
was so simple, so elegant, so wrong.

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