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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bound by the Mist Cover Art Revealed!

It's here--the cover art for Bound by the Mist from Hot Damn Designs! I was so excited when I saw it in my inbox that I knew I had to share it soon. 

Now for the big reveal!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look...or two!

Favorite Character Blogfest

A writer friend just posted about a blog hop where participants give a snippet about their favorite character from one of their works. Like her, I thought that was a an great idea. Even though the hop started on Jan. 23, it's still not too late to join. Click on the Favorite Character Blogfest button above to read on how to join/hop. 

My favorite character is from Bound by the Mist. And it's not the hero, though I love him dearly! So who could it be? His father. Yep, his father. Talion is king of the Erian Elves and has a suave coolness about him. He also has the decided benefit of not looking much older than his handsome son. And I can't forget his wicked sense of humor! Oh, how I love it! But at heart, he's a kind man (or elf, however you want to look at it) and only uses it on those who can withstand it--or those he considers fools. 

Though he doesn't have a huge role in Bound by the Mist, he'll feature prominently in later books. Here's a snippet that won't make it into the series (I just had to share it somewhere!):

Talion suppressed a dismayed chuckle as he watched Kenhil and Maggie interact.  Had the time come to retire and hand the throne to his son?  Someone to aid Kenhil in his juvenile, carefree behavior when off-duty was not something he desired.  They could cause much mayhem, something at which they'd probably excel.  This didn’t bode well for his kingdom. 
He would take extra precautions to secure his chambers at night so he didn't wake up with dyed blue hair.  In truth, he had little to fear on that account because even Kenhil would never go so far as to touch another elf’s hair.  It was a source of pride for their people, and no elf would ever stoop so low, except in retaliation or revenge.  But Maggie and Kenhil could find other trouble. 
Ruefully shaking aside those thoughts, he watched as Relian drew Cal away from the gazebo.  Both walked with tense backs, and even his son’s usual lithe stride couldn’t hide it.  Cal stumbled along in painfully high-heeled shoes that had to be very restrictive and confining.  Talion shuddered.  Humans were strange creatures at times.  

Thanks for dropping by and meeting Talion!