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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Deleted Scene

 Hi! Over the nest few weeks, I thought I'd share some deleted scenes from Bound by the Mist. These scenes were either removed from the story entirely, condensed, or rewritten from a different character's POV. 

The one I'm posting today is from Relian's POV. He's an elvin prince who's been haunted by dreams of  a woman--and not just any woman, but a human woman! Now she's arrived in his land and he doesn't quite know what what to do. 


             As Relian's shock encased him in stone, he knew without a doubt who and what it was, even though he couldn’t see the figures clearly.  It was Cal.  It had to be.  Who was the other person, though?  Maybe the friend he had seen with her?  Now his sense of something momentous happening made sense.  He’d experienced a forewarning of her arrival.  Ecstasy and agitation coursed through him at the thought of her in his world  
            Once the veil faded enough for elvish sight to see clearly, the strange figures came into view.  Standing before them all -- before him -- were two human women who looked around in bafflement.  Just like he, the gathering looked on with stunned astonishment.  While his father made his binding to a human quite clear, apparently no one had actually expected her arrival after said announcement. 
            The king recovered first.  He grasped Relian’s shoulder.  “It seems the veil has taken the problem of her arrival out of our hands.”
            Relian nodded.  He had yet to take his eyes off Cal and couldn’t form coherent words.  Once he overcame his trance, he and his father glanced at each other knowingly. 
            He leaned toward his father.  This demonstration of the veil has made our task of gaining acceptance for the binding quite easy.  This was beyond even what we could have hoped for when we started this endeavor.”
            A smile played over his father’s lips.  “Indeed, the veil could not have chosen a more fortuitous time.  None can gainsay that the veil has not been involved, that it is merely evil at play.”  
            Relian surprisingly felt lighter than he had before the veil appeared.  Now the number of people speaking out against the match should be few, if any.  At least overtly, he hoped.