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Friday, October 18, 2013

An Earl in Time

Boy, have I ever neglected this blog! Sorry about that.

I just wanted to write a short post about my new-ish time-travel Regency romance from Astraea Press.

So here it is:

An Earl in Time

As a research scientist, Julia Avers travels through time to sleuth out the mysteries of past ages. When a rich client commissions her company to send her to 1812 London, she never dreams she’ll land in the townhouse of the Earl of Correlton. He’s handsome, and though she’s from the future, he wants her. Too bad he’s not above stranding her in his home by taking away her only means of escape—her invisibility transmitter.

James Noddingdon, the Earl of Correlton, is bored with all the pleasures London has to offer. When an invisible woman drops into his lap and reveals herself to him, he feels fate has intervened and given him his intended mate. She claims she needs to find the person who will steal the famed Ring of Claremont. Seeking a way to court her, he demands she stay with him and his grandmother for her week in London.

After their week is over, Julia hopes to return home. But will she find that her home—as well as her heart—now rests elsewhere?

If this novella sounds like your thing, it's available in e-book format from all the major distributors--B&N and Amazon, etc. I've also received some great reviews on Amazon (when I last looked, I had none on B&N:)  

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